Swatch You’ve Got The Love Quartz Watch GZ707S


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Swatch You’ve Got The Love Quartz Watch GZ707S Swatch has a notification for you: you are loved! Celebrate with You’ve Got The Love GZ707S, a numbered watch limited to 5020 pieces that was an original release for Valentine’s Day. This watch comes in special packaging in the shape of an oversized envelope. The Dial & Case: The silvery dial is something which would be made in heaven. The envelope on the dial has a calendar window – not to remind of you the date, but to send messages of love, happiness and fun with little heart, diamond, lightning bolt, lips, flame, lock and pixelized winking skull icons. The dial features a golden two hand display with more gold colour on the crown at the three o’clock position. Sealing the dial is the ever present Swatch logo at the bottom of the envelope. The silvery dial transitions well to the plastic case which has a semi-transparent look. It measures at a width of 34mm and a thickness of 8.75mm. The Strap: The double-layer white and red strap makes for a comfortable addition to your wrist. The silicone strap measures at a length of 19cm and a lug width of 17mm. It can be easily fastened using a red plastic buckle which features the Swatch logo. The Functions: The watch is powered by a battery quartz ETA 955.112 movement. It comes with a hacking feature which allows the second hand to pause once the crown is pulled out. At a water resistance of 30 metres the watch can be subjected to light splashes. If you have any questions please click here Click here to join our facebook and Instagram !


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