Swatch Enchanted Pond Quartz Pink Dial Blue Strap LP160 RRP £50


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Swatch Enchanted Pond Quartz Pink Dial Blue Strap LP160 RRP £50 The Strap: The strap of this Swatch Sweet Garden LP160 is made from silicone. The distinctive floral pattern combined with the frog pattern is reminiscent of an enchanted pond. Likewise the white colour of the strap adds to the watch’s jovial nature. Also, rubber straps are advantageous because of their durable qualities, and the fact they are easy to wash and look after. The strap fastens easily using a plastic standard buckle. The Dial: The sun burst GREY dial complements the patterned design of the watch. Silver arabic numerals are present at 12,3,6 and 9 o’clock, whereas the remaining indices have been replaced with petit golden crystals. Likewise a golden hand set complements the dashes of gold present throughout the dial. The Case: The transparent pink case developed the animated motif of the strap. A small crown is present besides the 3 o’clock mark. The Functions: Highly dependable quartz movement powers this model. This watch has a water resistance of 30 metres, making it suitable for light splashes. Key Features: 2020 Summer Collection Swatch Essentials Quartz Movement 30m Water Resistant Grey Dial White Silicone Strap Plastic Buckle Pink Plastic Case 25mm Case 7mm Thickness 31.4mm Height The Brand: Swatch Founded in 1983, Swatch was a direct response to the ‘watch-crisis’. The ‘watch crisis’ began in 1970’s due to the increase in production of cheap, mass-produced quartz watches from the Far East. Swiss exports were falling. In the space of just a few years, the number of persons employed in the Swiss watchmaking industry fell to less than 40,000. Despite this the Swiss watchmaking industry remained focused on supplying the watch market with traditional movements paired with proven sale methods. The name Swatch derives from the idea that it was being a ‘second watch’ and the average Swatch owner used their collection as an emotional statement to suit whatever mood they were in. Their watches soon became primarily used as a ‘fashion accessory’ rather than a device to tell the time. The slogan ‘fashion that ticks’ summarises this ideology best. Swatch has always immersed itself in popular culture. Doing so through collaborations and sponsorship of special events, creating limited products with high demand. The brand is well aware of its collectable value, as they established the “Swatch Collectors of Swatch” club that had 74,500 members in less than two years. If you have any questions please click here Click here to join our facebook and Instagram !


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