Casio G-Shock S Series Black Resin Bluetooth Quartz Ladies Watch GMA-B800-1AER


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Casio G-Shock S Series Black Resin Bluetooth Quartz Ladies Watch GMA-B800-1AER This Casio G-Shock S Series Black Resin Bluetooth Quartz Ladies Watch GMA-B800-1AER is one of the newest additions to the G-Shock family. This model is host to a whole range of new technologies, which are bound to make your jaw drop. Take for example the Bluetooth feature that can connect to your smartphone, which then enables access to a whole range of functions. The watch follows G-Shock tradition in that it is shock resistant. This model is great for those who partake in sporting or outdoors activity. It includes a stop watch that has 1/100-sec accuracy and a lap memory of 200, that has the ability to store data.. It also includes 5 daily alarms, an automatic calander and 5 different countdown timers. Also a feature for those who may loose things… This watch features a phone finder, and by the push of a button it will activate a bleeping noise from your smartphone. Bluetooth Shock Resistant Mineral Glass Buckle Clasp 200m Water Resistancy Resin Band 46mm Quartz The Family: G-Shock At a time when watches were seen as fragile, delicate instruments, Casio’s head of watch design, Kikuo Ibe, set out in 1981 to create “a watch that doesn’t break, even when dropped.” The Casio G-Shock was launched in 1983. Gaining its now legendary toughness from Ibe’s revolutionary decision to suspend the module inside a hollow rubber structure, the G-Shock has been the go-to name in superbly durable and precise wristwear ever since. The Brand: Casio Casio was born in 1946 by Japanese engineer Tadao Kashio. The company entered the timepiece market in 1974 with the release of the Casiotron, the world’s first Auto Calendar watch. Only eleven years after entering this field, Casio completely reshaped global thought about the function a watch should perform with the release of the pioneering and now legendary G-Shock family. Innovation and world firsts have defined the company’s history ever since. The most striking of these being the release of the first ever touch screen watch in 1991. 24 years before the Apple Watch, and the first ever wrist camera watch in 2000. In short, Casio was producing smartwatches decades before the term had even been coined. Add to this the hipster popularity of the company’s retro designs. Casio has firmly cemented its reputation as a famously reliable and precise name in both analogue and digital watches. If you have any questions please click here Click here to join our facebook and Instagram !


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