Casio Collection Quartz Digital Dial Silver Stainless Steel Bracelet Ladies’ Watch LA670WEA-7EF


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Casio Collection Quartz Women’s Watch LA670WEA-7EF The Case: The case of this elegant silver Casio Collection Women’s Watch LA670WEA-7EF measures in at just 25mm, is crafted from resin, which makes the watch less susceptible to shocks. Its curved sleek edges are topped with plexiglass crystal, which is a material commonly found on vintage timepieces. It is renowned for its shatter proof qualities. On the side of the case there are three polished pushbuttons that can be used to access the features of the watch. While on the flip side there is a screw down case back. The Dial: The digital display dial is presented in a sleek silver window in the middle of the dial. While the rest of the space on the dial is occupied by the logos and words indicating the watch’s functions. The mode of the dial can also be changed to an alarm, stopwatch or chronograph by pressing the buttons on the side of the watch. The Strap: The stylish silver strap is made from stainless steel resin. It is tough, durable and elegant. It features adjustable fastening, which means the clasp can be individually adjusted extremely easily for maximum comfort. The clasp has been embossed with the Casio logo. The Functions: For being such a small watch it is amazing how many features can be packed into it. It is powered by reliable quartz movement and a battery with a life of two years. A stopwatch function allows you to measure your times within 1/100 of second of accuracy. Seven preset timers can be set too, which when time elapses, an alarm sounds and the watch automatically counts backwards again from the preset time. Daily alarms can also be set too. It is water resistant to 30 metres, making it suitable for surface swimming. If you have any questions please click here Click here to join our facebook and Instagram !


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